Dirty Dancing Drinking Game

This game is for the more sensitive guys who like chick flicks, or those who want to play a drinking game but aren’t allowed to play without their wives. Frankly, I just think the would be the only way I could handle watching this move all the way through…


Drink Every Time . . .
- Baby makes an intelligent and/or feminist comment
- Johnny looks smoldering
- Lisa comments on accessories or make up
- You see a dancer exposing a thigh
- A cardigan is in view
- Line dancing is taking place
- The word Kellerman’s is mentioned or seen on clothing
- Anyone is seen playing cards
- Baby is seen dancing by herself, or badly
- Fruit is seen or mentioned
- Anyone is seen soaking wet
- Anyone is seen wearing pedal pushers
- A disappointed Dad is on screen

Finish your glass and cheer…
- When Johnny lifts Baby up at the end.

Likely Hangover:  You’ll feel like you carried a watermelon.

What do you think?